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Gunvor Johansson

I was born in a small town in the north of Sweden, where I also grew up. I used to walk to school and see spectacular displays of Northern Lights. To me they were there, as part of life. It is only now that I have realized how privileged I was and that many people travel to the north to see them. The darkest month of December, we lived in twilight from eight in the morning until two in the afternoon. It would then go dark again, the sun never rising above the horizon. In sharp contrast the summer months of June and July never got dark at all.The Midnight Sun would shine at two in the morning, sometimes all night, a sun which never set. Visitors from the south would find it hard to sleep during this time.

I came to England in my late teens and my first year was spent in Guildford, as an au-pair to a very nice family. I studied English at a college there. I intended to stay only for a year and here I am still!

Whilst living in Sweden as a teenager, I wrote poetry and stories and I even attempted a children's book. The manuscript got lost during the years. I so wish I had it to read now. 

It was only later on in life that I found the time to write in earnest. I joined writing groups, made friends and learnt writing skills. I am active in two groups, whose members have been very helpful with their comments. I get enormous pleasure from writing and I hope that you will get the same pleasure reading my books. You are able to contact me on this site and you are welcome to leave any helpful comment.

'The Water People’s Secret’ is my first children’s book, ‘Alice and Friends in her Secret World’ is a sequel.These books carry a message about saving the seas from pollution, something I feel strongly about. The oceans are full of plastic and it is killing the animals in the sea and even getting into the food we eat. It is high time that we act. I hope it is not too late. 

I have written four books in the series;The Adventures of Tula and her Troll. The books are about a small troll, whose ancestors came over to Scotland from Scandinavia by hiding in the Vikings' longboats.The first book is called Tula’s Troll. In this book,Tula and her troll go back to Tudor time. The second book, Tula's troll in Viking Land, takes them to Jorvik, today's York, where they meet the Vikings. The third book is called Tula's Troll in Dickens' Land. In this book Tula and Huva find themselves in Dickens' office in 1870. The fourth book: Tula's Troll in Witches' Land was published early this year. I have long held a wish to write about witches, so I particularly enjoyed writing this book.

My first grown-up novel: The House by the Lake,  is a supernatural drama set in Cumbria and Bristol with a two-tier time line of 1902 and 2005. I have received very encouraging reviews, which spurred me on to start writing a sequel for this book.

With my best wishes to my readers,