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The Water People’s Secret

When Alice finds a tiny girl half-human, half-fish, trapped in a shell, she helps her back into the sea. Alice is invited to visit the girl’s magical water world and it takes her breath away when she is transformed into a tiny Water Girl.

She spends time in Zina’s wonderful and yet sometimes weird world, with its sparkling coral and fish. The friendly Water People welcome her and she meets Zina’s father King Merl.

The Water People have a secret which they are desperate to keep, without it they would be helpless in their quest to save the seas from pollution and destruction. But all is not well, the evil Dark Sea People lurk in the dark depths of their world, and they will do anything to capture the secret.

Will Alice be able to help against the threat to the Water People and keep their secret safe? With the help of Fino, a dolphin friend, she attempts to do so, but puts her own life in danger.


Now Available "the sequel" - Alice and Friends in her Secret World

Last year Alice befriended Princess Zina, a tiny Water Girl; half fish, half human. The girls had many exciting adventures in Zina’s colourful world under the water. Now Alice is waiting on the beach for Fino, their dolphin friend, to tell her when she can see Zina again.

To her amazement a girl, with flaming red hair, comes out of the sea and heads straight for her. It is Zina!

When Zina comes ashore she is on a mission to save the seas from pollution. But being a human is not easy and she makes many mistakes.

How are Zina’s people able to visit land as humans? Will she tell Alice the story behind the Secret of the Berry?

When they first met, Zina gave Alice a magical pearl, which will grant her wishes. But wishes can go wrong…

The Water People invite Alice to take part in a dolphin race, but the evil Dark Sea People lurk in the deep. Unknown to Alice, they are waiting for her. Their quest to find the Water People’s secret has failed because of her and they seek revenge. The day ends with disastrous consequences for Alice…


Tula's Troll

Ten year old Tula lives in a cottage at the edge of a Scottish forest. One day she discovers a small troll called Huva, his foot stuck under a tree root. Against his will she sets him free. According to troll law, he will now have to be her servant for the rest of his life - unless he saves her life in return.

Huva cannot go home anyway; the Troll Court has taken away the key to his home land to punish him for not being a wicked troll. The key has been hidden in another century. Huva would have to go down the Century Ladder to retrieve it. Only the naughtiest of trolls would dare to do that.

Their adventure starts when Tula decides to help Huva and together they go back in time, down the Century Ladder. They arrive at Southsea Castle to see the English ships fight the French fleet and where Henry VIII watches his flagship, The Mary Rose sink.


Tula’s Troll in Viking Land

‘Tula’s Troll in Viking Land’ is the second book in the series of ‘The Adventures of Tula and her Troll.’ 

In this book the troll king sends Huva to rescue his son, Rolf, who has fallen down the Century Ladder and is now in the Viking town of Jorvik. Tula decides to go along to help Huva in his search for Rolf. Huva knows that the Vikings do not like trolls, so he uses magic to make himself and Tula into shadows. Now they can freely walk about in the town, without being seen. In Jorvik they discover that the Vikings are not all fearsome warriors but many are peaceful traders.

But it is not easy to find Rolf, the purpose of their visit. Their search for him is fraught with danger. Tula and Huva are captured by the Vikings and must use all their wits to find a way back home. Eric, the Black Snake, the most fearful of Vikings demands severe punishments for them.

Will Tula be clever enough to work out a plan to escape back to the 21st century with Huva and Rolf?


Tula's Troll in Dicken's Land

On this their third adventure Tula and Huva find themselves in Charles Dickens’ office in 1870. Huva uses troll magic to transport them into the book of Oliver Twist, where they meet not only Oliver but also where Tula has a frightening encounter with Fagin. Inside the covers of David Copperfield they meet Betsey Trotwood and the charming Mr Dick as well as many more of the characters in this book.


Tula’s Troll in Witches’ Land

Tula is a ten year old girl who has befriended a small troll she met in a Scottish forest. In this their fourth adventure Tula and Huva are chased by Elvira, a mischievous witch, who turns them into small pigs. It is a game she plays. Only Elvira can break the spell, so now they must chase after her into the Witches’ Land. After their adventure with Elvira and other wicked witches, they are sent on a journey down the Century Ladder to Cheddar caves where they meet the unhappy witch of Wookey Hole.