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To my Kickstarter Backers

I am in the process of sending out your copies of

The House by the Lake, and the shipping of the paperback will soon be completed.  The delivery of the ebooks however has been delayed and I do apologize for this.  They will soon be with you and I thank you for your patience.

The House by the Lake is a supernatural drama set in Cumbria and Bristol, with a two-tier time line of 1902 and 2005.

Ellen, a young business woman, is compelled to visit the Lake District, drawn by the mysterious pull of a house depicted in a painting. A transformation takes place and she becomes Lenora, a woman who lived at the turn of the twentieth century. Fascinated and intrigued, Ellen begins to lead a double life; as Lenora in 1902 and as herself in Bristol in 2005.

When she returns to her life in Bristol, she retains the memory of what has taken place at Lakeside House. She becomes obsessed with Lenora and wants to spend as much time at Lakeside House as possible. She is sure that she has been sent to help, but cannot work out how.

She is forced to see this through to the end; to find out what has brought her to this house and why. This is not what she believes it to be; the reason is far more sinister...

Loyalty, love, lust, and greed are the main ingredients in this tale.

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Kindle E-books

On this their third adventure Tula and Huva find themselves in Charles Dickens’ office in 1870. Huva uses troll magic to transport them into the book of Oliver Twist, where they meet not only Oliver but also where Tula has a frightening encounter with Fagin. Inside the covers of David Copperfield they meet Betsey Trotwood and the charming Mr Dick as well as many more of the characters in this book.

The picture below is from the afternoon I spent talking to Brandon Care about my books.

Latest News: We did it! I am very happy to tell you that I have reached my goal on the Kickstarter. A huge thank you to all of you good people who helped me by making a pledge. I asked for your support and you gave it to me, I cannot thank you enough. It really is good news!

The survey was sent on the 30th May and some of my backers have already replied with answers. 

Thank you so much. However I am still waiting for  more and I am really looking forward to sending you my novel:

  The House by the Lake, so that you can read it.

 Also good news: Tula's Troll in Witches' Land, will be published soon. It is my fourth children's book in the series of The Adventures of Tula and her Troll,  and will be available on Amazon. Or you can contact me  throught this web site, and I can mail you a copy. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have .


Great news, I have launched a Kickstarter for  my first adult novel: The House by the Lake, it has got a supernatural theme, but you will find love, loyaly and lust in this drama..

Go to to find out more and you can go directly to the Kickstarter page with this link: and make a pledge, if you want to be amongst the first to read this book.

Thanks for your support!

It's so excting!  I already have some pledges and followers. But I will be happy for anyone just to support me  by sharing my page.

My fourth troll book will soon be ready for publication, it is called: Tula's Troll in Witches' Land. They meet a number of wicked witches and also the witch of Wookey Hole.

Old news; here you can see what I have been up to in years gone by:

 It is time for for the Arundel Festival again, Saturday 18th August until Bank Holiday Monday the 27th, Chindi authors will be outside the Cancer Charity shop.  I am really looking forward to this event, as the lovely people of Arundel and visitors to the festival do support us so well. Last year  Chindi authors raised over £400 for Cancer Research. We are hoping to beat that total this year and with your support we just might. So do come and see us! We have many books in different genres on display so you are bound to find one you like.

On the 4th of March  2018 I attended the UK Book Show in Worthing.  Eight Chindi Authors got together and we shared a couple of tables. Fifty authors were there this day. I am pleased to let you know there will be another UK Book Show on the 28th October this year.

The last book show I went to in June at Hursley Park, near Winchester was very well organized. What the organizer didn't know was that England would be playing in the World cup that very Sunday. The competiton was too great! Never mind I  still enjoyed the day. Last Sunday I aslo spent a very pleasant day at the Maze, Sidlesham. It was a hot day but Chindi authors were able to spend it under cover as we brought our very own marquee. We were provided with a salad lunch and alltogether had a lovely day chatting to the visitors and each other. One lucky lady won our competition and the prize was £70 worth of our books. She was delighted.

I have just published; Tula's Troll in Dicken's Land, it is my third book in the series of; The Adventures of Tula and her Troll. In this book Tula and her Troll find themseves in Dicken's office in 1870. Huva, the troll, uses troll magic to transport them into the books of Oliver Twist and David Cooperfield.

Also just completed is my grown-up novel, but it is not ready for publication yet. It is a paranormal story, with a two-tier time line of 1902 and 2005.

This year at Arundel Festival, Chindi authors had another succesful event raising £427 for Cancer research. I spent part of two days helping to man the stall. This is an event which I  enjoy attending. I am already looking forward to next year. Apart  from the UK Book Show in Worthing in October I have another  event to look forward to; there will be a Christmas Fair in Southsea on the 15th November and twenty local authors will be at Southsea library with their books. A excellent chance to buy a book for a Christmas present and to support local authors.

Here we are, already two months into 2019.

Last Monday, the 11th February, I had the pleasure to speak to a lovely group of friendly ladies in Farlington. I really enjoyed speaking to them, as they made me feel welcome. I talked about my books and what gave me the inspiration to write them. Also I read from two of my books, which was well received. It was a good day. 

In April, I went to Portsmouth and talked to members of the Brendon Care group. I told them  a little about my childhood in Sweden and of course my books. As recently as yesterday; 5th June I had again the pleasure to speak to another Brendon Care group. This time in Havant, a place I know well as I used to live there. In fact I wrote my first children's book; The Water People's Secret in Havant.

It is not long now until the Arundel Festival in August. Chindi authors will be there again this year. I am looking forward to this week. Hope to see you there! 

Sunday 4th August it was time for Chindi Authors' stall at the Maze, in Sidlesham.  It was not as hot as last year, the temperature was just right. Four of us had a pleasant day selling our books and also raising money for our hosts. Several Chindi authors had donated books for the raffle to a value of £65. A young boy, by the name of Noah, had guessed the weight of the Oxford Dictionary, and came within one ounce of the correct weight. 

Arundel Festival  starts on the 16 August until 26 th this year. As usual Chindi will have a stall outside the Cancer charity shop. I will  be there on the Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the last Sunday. This is an event I alway enjoy and look forward to.